June approaches

As May comes to an end, I am reminded of Michael Buble’s beautiful song “End of May”. Although it is on the melancholy side I absolutely love it, but that’s not why I’m bringing up the fact that May is ending. My reason for talking about the end of May is because that means that June is approaching!

The month of June means several things to me: my birthday, grad parties, Father’s day, and most importantly it means the beginning of Summer!  June also marks the beginning of the Contentment Challenge. The challenge is to not shop for anything except for necessity (and not to justify every purchase), memorize a bible verse every month, read one to three inspiring books, and to learn a new hobby or work on one you already have started instead of shopping. This three month long challenge was started by Nancy Ray in April so as I start my first month everyone else will be finishing their last month.

I know that this challenge will be challenging! It’s during my birthday, my vacation and my move back to school. But I feel that I need this (even though I’m not a big shopper). I have become very materialistic lately (probably from living in New York) and feel that this will help ground me in the Lord.

So all that’s left to do is make my list of books and figure out what activity I’m going to work on instead of shopping!

On June 1st (Saturday) I’ll post all my goals for the month and for the challenge! There’s so much to do and not a lot of time but I’ll be ready when June 1st is here :)


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