The Beginning

Well today is the day! Today I start my first month of the Contentment Challenge (see my previous post and Nancy Ray’s post). So here it goes!

Contentment Challenge: June

  • Monthly theme* : Generosity
  • Memory verse: 1 Timothy 6:17-19
  • Activity challenge: Clean out closet and donate
  • Instead of shopping I am going to learn how to French Braid and I am going to type up all my notes from the past two semesters of college. My first inspirational book is Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.

Now on to my own Monthly and Summer Goals!

Monthly Goals: June

  • Contentment Challenge
  • Read Mere Christianity 
  • Start Bible Study with some girlfriends
  • Tech Free Sundays
  • Exercise 3-5 times a week
  • Visit friends in NYC for a weekend
  • Learn to French Braid hair
  • Convert class notes to Google Drive
  • Plan budget for Summer

Summer Goals:

  • Contentment Challenge
  • Read Summer Book List
  • Learn to run
  • Master French Braiding
  • Plan budget for the Fall
  • Eat Well of Life Approved
  • Tech Free Sundays
  • Bible Study with friends

That’s a lot of lists! I’m truly happy to start this journey towards contentment. I know that God has amazing this in store for me and I can’t wait to see what they are!

*Monthly theme, verse and activity challenge taken from Nancy Ray

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