HE knows

Fully into the swing of college/working life again. I apologize for my lack of posts this past month. A lot has happened, some good, some not so good. Basically, my hours at school got cut in half do to budgetary reasons (the school’s not mine) and I got a new boss. It’s hard to see what God has planned for me with this dramatic loss of income but I am seeing the good – I can get all of my homework completed long before it is due and I have more time to spend with my friends or just chilling.

I am still looking for another job but today I was reading a blog post and wanted to share it with you. Will Ray is the husband to Nancy Ray (of Nancy Ray Photography and the starter of the Commitment Challenge) and he wrote a post today about what to do with unexpected loss in income. It was just what I was needing! His first response on what to do when you have an unexpected thing like this is to Pray. He writes “My Bible says that God will provide all my needs according to the riches of his glory (Philippians 4:19).  My Bible says that God cares for ravens and wildflowers, so how much more does he care for and will he provide for us? (Luke 12:22-31)  First off, turn to him.  Ask for what you need.  And keep asking until it comes to fruition.” Just what I needed to hear/read today! Read the rest of the post here.

I promise to do better with my updates. There are several posts being written, just need to finish them and actually post them!

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